The Union of Power and Gas Employees (UPAGE) and SP Group (SP) in Singapore have formed a Company Training Committee (CTC), which will see the upskilling of 3,600 employees.

This CTC, announced yesterday (20 November), aims to prepare employees for the energy sector's rapid transformation, which comprises digitalisation and rising customer expectations.

Abdul Samad bin Abdul Wahab, UPAGE General Secretary, stressed the need for this, saying some workers under the union had been anxious about the changes coming their way, fearing that technology would take over their jobs.

"Through this CTC, we hope to allay this fear by explaining and showcasing how upskilling and taking on higher value jobs will lead to better wages and work prospects. As union leaders, we want to lead by example too, and be the first to attend training courses so we can encourage others to sign up."

Wong Kim Yin, Group CEO of SP Group, added: "The energy industry is transforming, with the advent of new technology. We want to help our people adapt and prepare ahead of this potentially disruptive transformation."

In line with that, SP has committed S$35mn over the next three years, to further develop competencies in customer service, cybersecurity, data analytics, safety, and skills for a digital workplace.

Photo / 123RF