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Top tips for CHROs to create a culture of continuous learning

Top tips for CHROs to create a culture of continuous learning

"Culture building is continuous, it doesn't end. It's ever-evolving, so we need to stay flexible and nimble." Wouldn't you agree? 

When eight HR leaders come together for a virtual roundtable, listening to their insights is a joy. That's exactly what we had the benefit of doing recently, where at an event organised by Human Resources Online, we picked up best practices on the skilling imperative - the three approaches of building, buying and borrowing talent, in a bid to find the optimal solution that works in the short- as well as long-term.

While we have a full report that you can read here, in this article we've put together some short and snappy tips on creating a culture of continuous learning. Words of advice straight from the HR leaders:

Culture building is continuous, it doesn't end. It's ever-evolving, so we need to stay flexible and nimble.

Leadership commitment is the foundation, which then translates into the investments, managers being serious about the programmes, giving employees the time to participate, and making learning sustainable.

Make an impact – whether on yourself or on others.

Stay humble. Humility is a very important virtue in times of change, and we should recognise that we don't know everything. Our mind should be open to learning from others and accepting differing views, so that we don't stop learning and growing.

With the ever-changing environment, we cannot predict what is going to happen next. Be adaptable, in whatever kind of situation you are.

Make sure that all employees understand what's in it for me. They have to see clearly the value of continuous learning – putting the effort in, and the reward it brings to them, both financial and intrinsic.

Keep learning innovative so it doesn't get stale. Constantly make sure that there's new ways of delivering, and new content to be consumed.

The world is our oyster, the knowledge is out there, let’s keep the momentum going. Spend time and invest in yourself.

Bonus: Quotable quotes from CHROs 

“If we had the runway and the opportunity, and if time wasn’t a factor, then we would love to continue to build and build in a big way. But often, we are impatient for talent to contribute to the business.”

“When we implement change management, the first things we need to address are culture and mindset.”

“Talent nowadays is very fluid. It can come in any form and you don’t necessarily have to own them. At the end of the day, we cannot have a fixed mindset about any one type of talent – it has to be broad and diverse.”

“The best way forward is to build talent if we’re looking to have a sustainable pipeline. It takes time, it takes effort, but it’s the right thing to do. Farm your own, because as you move up the hierarchy, it's very expensive to buy. And it may not always lead to success.”

“Whether we choose to build, buy, borrow or sharing, at the end of the day it is about how we best leverage the talent ecosystem to achieve your business objective.”

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