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Top 10 most stressful jobs revealed

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The 10 most stressful jobs for this year are in. And while some are to be expected, a few surprises have been thrown up. has just published its annual list of the 10 most stressful jobs and not surprisingly those in the armed forces and emergency services head the list for obvious reasons – considering they put their lives on the line in their jobs.

Military personnel (first), firefighters (second) and police officers (fourth) topped the list. Airline pilots came in third.

According to the site, while some jobs are physically dangerous, others are stressful due to other measures such as strict deadlines or being in the public eye, or having the lives of others in their hands.

Surprisingly, event co-ordinators came in fifth, with strict deadlines and dealing with large-scale organisations, cited as the main reasons.

News reporters came in sixth – with strict deadlines cited as the main reason (so please spare a thought for your intrepid Human Resources news providers).

Senior corporate and public relations executives also made the list with taxi drivers rounding it out in 10th place.

A total of 11 criteria were used to measure stress, including travel, physical demands, competition, working in the public eye and immediate risk of another’s life.

10. Taxi Driver
Median Salary: $24,880*
Potential causes of stress: Traffic, directions, vulnerability.

9. Senior Corporate Executive
Median Salary: $183,270
Potential causes of stress: People management, high-stakes decision-making.

8. Public Relations Executive
Median Salary: $111,280
Potential causes of stress: High public visibility, public speaking, management of bad publicity.

7. Broadcaster
Median Salary: $40,910
Potential causes of stress: High public visibility/scrutiny, live television, public speaking.

6. Newspaper Reporter
Median Salary: $39,370
Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines.

5. Event Co-ordinator
Median Salary: $48,290
Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines, large-scale organisations.

4. Police Officer
Median Salary: $62,960
Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations.

3. Airline Pilot
Median Salary: $111,930
Potential causes of stress: People’s lives and safety in their hands.

2. Firefighter
Median Salary: $49,080
Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, people’s lives in their hands.

1. Enlisted Military Personnel
Median Salary: $26,054
Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, war zones, weapons management.

*All median salary data in US dollars via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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