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The worst excuses to ditch work to travel the world

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As travelling cost is decreasing, the dream of travelling around the world has become easier to achieve than ever.  More and more people especially new comers to the workforce are  trying to pursue the dream.

However, some young employees seem not to be able to find a healthy balance between work and play. A recent post on Heawork has shared some of the most interesting reasons that HR professionals have heard from new hires who want to apply leave to go travel.

1. Claiming that the tickets are long booked. They can apply unpaid leave if necessary.

2. The candidate told the interviewer during the interview that before reporting for work, they have to go travel for a month first.

3. Threatening to quit if they are not allowed to take leave to go travel.

4. Saying that it would be such a waste because it’s not easy to get a budget/free air ticket.

5. Saying that is a family trip that cannot be refused.

6. Applying for a month-long leave before passing probation.

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