Safety, business needs, and staying within the policy have been identified as the top three personal travel priorities of Asia Pacific (APAC) business travellers, a new report has revealed.

In particular, according to the latest SAP Concur Business Traveler Report 2019, which involved 2,500 business travellers in APAC, safety ranked first (32%), followed by business needs (30%) and staying in policy (15%).

Specifically in Malaysia and Singapore, 37% of travellers put their safety above everything else.

Note: Business travellers are defined in the report as those who travel for work at least thrice annually; APAC markets involved include Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, Australia, and Greater China.

However, while safety was placed as a top priority, nearly a third (32%) of business travellers think their companies prioritise business needs ahead of safety (27%), aligning with the global average [Business needs (30%), safety (27%)].

As such, more than half of these business travellers in APAC (53%) believe safety training would be the most valuable training their employer could offer.

How employees are catering to their own safety concerns

In line with the above, employees are taking the step to make business travel decisions based on any safety concerns that arise.

For instance, close to half (46%) of those in APAC have reduced travel to a certain location due to any political unrest or health hazards. At the same time, those from Malaysia and Singapore were more cautious of unsettlement, with six in 10 (60%) choosing to reduce their travel plans.




Do APAC business travellers think their company is lagging behind?

Based on the report, a majority (70%) do think so, in terms of adopting the latest technologies to make business travel easier.

In fact, a significant number (86%) are even willing to share their personal information to improve the convenience and personalisation of their business travel experience, amidst an era of data privacy concerns.

Of those who reported this, a little over six in 10 (64%) said their employer lagged behind in using booking and expense reporting tools, while 61% felt so for travel safety tools. Itinerary management tools also made the list, according to 56% of respondents, followed closely by virtual payment tools (52%).

With safety as a focus, a large number (61%) hope to see their employer improve the travel safety tools offered.


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