John Augustine Ong, Singapore learning lead, ANZ lists how technological advancements in the future will change the face of corporate learning, and the impact it will have on professionals.

In the future, the lines between a traditional banker and a financial technologist will begin to blur and a new breed of bankers will emerge.

These professionals will be more digitally savvy and be able to integrate both their financial capabilities and technologist roles in a seamless manner.

For decades, learning professionals have sought to make the lesson come alive for our learners in the name of experiential learning. Virtual reality is going to take that concept to a whole new level. From the Oculus Rift to Samsung Gear VR and a whole host of upcoming products that are being developed, I believe VR can be harnessed to create the ultimate learning experience for our learners by immersing them in ultra-realistic scenarios.

Geography and distance will no longer be barriers for effective communication and collaboration as learners will be able to come together in a virtual universe. Both learning and team effectiveness will greatly increase as a result.

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