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Tech companies in Singapore plan to increase salaries by 4% in 2019

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Next year, employees in the technology industry can expect a bigger paycheck. Companies in Singapore reported a salary increase budget of 4% for 2019 according to new data from Radford, a division of the rewards solutions practice at Aon.

In other parts of Asia Pacific, salary increase budgets at technology companies are expected to increase, with the fast-growth, developing markets of China and India reporting the highest salary increase budgets at 7.8% and 10.5%, respectively.

Median overall salary increase budgets in APAC (highest to lowest)

2019 planned: 10.5%
2018 actual: 10.4%

2019 planned: 7.8%
2018 actual: 7.2%

South Korea
2019 planned: 4.8%
2018 actual: 4.6%

2019 planned: 4.0%
2018 actual: 4.0%

2019 planned: 4.0%
2018 actual: 4.0%

Hong Kong
2019 planned: 4.0%
2018 actual: 4.2%

2019 planned: 3.3%
2018 actual: 3.4%

2019 planned: 3.0%
2018 actual: 2.8%

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