A survey conducted by Qualtrics finds that stress levels among employees in Singapore who are 55 and older are the highest (29%), followed by employees in the age range of 35-44 years.

In fact, there is a marked increase in stress levels at the 35-44 age group, as people tend to enter more senior positions and take on additional responsibilities, per the report.


Titled State of Play: Employee Experience in Singapore, 6,000 full-time workers around the world were surveyed for the report, including a significant number in Singapore.

In terms of specific stressful industries, retail workers are the most stressed, with public sector employees not far behind. The sectors reporting the least stress were healthcare and manufacturing workers. Table below:


Overall, out of all the countries surveyed, while Singapore had the lowest levels of job satisfaction (24% said they are extremely or somewhat dissatisfied), workers in Singapore also had the lowest levels of work-related stress, with 22% saying they felt stressed or overwhelmed ‘always’ or ‘most of the time’.

The global average was 27%, and the countries with the most stress were Australia, the UK and the US with 29%.

Lead photo / 123RF Graphics / Qualtrics