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The isolation period varies depending on the vaccination status of the individual. At the end of the isolation period, you are automatically discharged and will receive a memo via SMS on the same day. Here are MOH's latest Oct 2021 updates.

As shared by Singapore's Ministry of Health in a recent Facebook post, COVID-19 protocols have been streamlined effective 11 October (Monday). The updated protocols, depending on your situation, are as follows:

Scenario 1: You are unwell

If you are feeling unwell, see a doctor. You will be informed if you have been tested positive. Unless you are part of the following groups of people, you will undergo the Home Recovery Programme (HRP) by default:

  1. Partially or unvaccinated individuals 50 years and older;
  2. Vaccinated individuals 80 years and older;
  3. Children less than one year, and children aged one to four who have been clinically assessed to be unsuitable for the HRP.

If you are deemed unsuitable for home recovery, MOH will assign you to an appropriate care facility depending on your condition.

During home recovery, you are to isolate in a room and refrain from interacting with anyone. You will receive an SMS regarding swab result, isolation order and to register your household members as close contacts. You are encouraged to practise good personal hygiene. Do monitor your temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation daily.

If you need support, contact the Home Recovery Buddy, or contact any telemedicine provider/participating GPs if unwell.

The isolation period depends on the vaccination status of the individual.

  • 10 days for fully -accinated individuals.
  • 14 days for partially/unvaccinated individuals.

At the end of the isolation period, you are automatically discharged and will receive a memo via SMS on the same day.

Scenario 2: You are well but have been tested positive for COVID-19

You are to self-isolate at home for 72 hours while monitoring your health. After 72 hours, take an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) test. If the test is negative, your isolation period will end. On the other hand, if your test is positive, you are to continue to self-isolate and take an ART daily. The isolation period will only end once the test is negative.

If you feel unwell, experiencing high fever or breathlessness, or aged 60 and unvaccinated, see a doctor at a Swab and Send Home clinic (SASH).

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Scenario 3: You have been notified by MOH as a close contact of a COVID-19 case (including household members of cases)

You will be notified via a Health Risk Warning (HRW) SMS, following which you are to immediately isolate and follow a 7-day ART monitoring protocol.

  • Day one: Conduct an ART self-test and upload the results at The test is legally required.
  • Days two to six: Test negative on the same day before going out.
  • Day seven: Conduct an ART self-test. No further tests are required if results are negative.

If at any time the results are positive, refer to scenario two.

ART kits may be collected for vending machines islandwide. More information can be found here.

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View the ministry's Facebook post below:

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