This story was updated on 18 October with a statement from Tigerhall below.

Singapore-based knowledge sharing platform Tigerhall has announced plans to expand its operations into Malaysia, it stated in a press release on Monday (14 October).

Through the app, Malaysia-based professionals across all industries will be able to access bite-sized podcasts and 'Power Reads' by successful experts from some of the region's most renowned brands, on-the-go. For instance, executives who want to learn how to succeed at work will be able to glean insights through a 15-minute Power Read by AirAsia's Head of Brand.

Further, users of the app will also have access to a bank of content curated with Asia's top business leaders at organisations such as Facebook, Google, DBS and Grab. For example, a marketing manager looking for tips on running an online campaign can learn how to do so directly from Facebook's Head of Digital Marketing, through an 18-minute podcast.

Apart from providing digital content, the app also has an events function where users are given facetime to learn from experts through private dinners, exclusive lunches, and events each month.

Speaking about this launch, Nellie Wartoft, Tigerhall's CEO, said: "I am extremely excited to introduce the Tigerhall way of learning to Malaysia. We truly believe that the best way to achieve our life and career goals is by learning directly from successful experts in the most convenient way possible.

"That is exactly how we aim to help ambitious professionals in Kuala Lumpur and beyond - by enabling them to access the minds of business leaders who are succeeding today in the roles they aspire to hold in the future."

In a statement to Human Resources Online, a Tigerhall spokesperson shared that currently, the Malaysia operations are still being managed from the Singapore HQ.

The spokesperson said: "Our Head of Expert Relations flies to Kuala Lumpur frequently to meet with business leaders based in Malaysia to get them onboard Tigerhall, while our events in-charge also travels regularly to organise our private dinners and workshops.

"Our CEO also spends a significant amount of time in KL interacting with users, experts and other important stakeholders."

Moving forward, while the firm plans to open an office in Malaysia over the next year, CEO Wartoft will oversee the company's HR operations and continue shuttling between cities.

Once the new office is launched, key roles Tigerhall intends to hire include those in events and content, as well as experts and product managers with knowledge of the local industry. As for engineering, the team will be based in Sweeden and Malaysia, where it will work closely with the product team based in Singapore.

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