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Realising gamification and digitalisation at LF Logistics

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Human Resources spoke exclusively to Annie Suen, vice-president of learning and organisational development; and Eva Wong, senior vice-president of human resources at LF Logistics.

Vital stats: With a workforce of more than 8,000 colleagues in offices and distribution centres worldwide, LF Logistics launched its three-year plan “RISEUP” last year. The company was awarded gold for “HR Team of the Year” and bronze for “HR Innovative Team of the Year” at the HR Distinction Awards 2018, in Hong Kong.

Q How would you summarise LF Logistics’ current HR philosophy? How does that shape your strategy?

“People first” is one of the fundamental components. Our HR team has gone the extra mile and developed some uniquely innovative initiatives to support this, which can be summarised as “CERT”: culture and values, engagement, retention and talent.

Technology and innovation is a driver of the “people first” mindset which LF Logistics operates in. We, as the management team, dive into the habits and thought processes of younger generations, not only to learn how to best engage them as consumers, but also how to engage them in the workplace.

Q The series of cultural programmes in your “Inspire Greatness” campaign aim to highlight the company’s values of INSPIRE: innovation, nimbleness, simplicity, productivity, initiative, reliability and engagement. Why are the company’s values so heavily stressed?

Our president Joseph Phi believes that by demonstrating these INSPIRE values in our daily work, we ultimately achieve greatness in everything we do. Also, we aspire a sense of the LF spirit coming along with our employees’ daily work.

Q What do you think about traditional classroom learning?

The business’ employee base is in warehouses, often without regular access to meeting-room settings. To capture their attention, traditional classroom learning might not be ideal.

Last year, we rolled out a lean game app to target these colleagues in operations and distribution centres to teach them the eight Wastes of Lean concept and how to identify opportunities to improve productivity at work. We established an innovation crowdsourcing platform this year to pilot The Lean Kitchen Challenge at two distribution centres in Hong Kong to follow up the app.

Q One tip on bringing diversified teams together?

Stay open-minded and always empower colleagues to discover and test out new ways of working.

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