At the North Point headquarters of Towngas in Hong Kong, everything is designed to support and drive what the company considers to be the two main features of their culture: engagement and innovation.

The 11th floor of the company’s office shows its dedication to creating a nurturing culture.

“The entire floor is a multi-functional area designated for employee wellness and communication”, said Kit Fan, corporate head of human resources.

The area is known as “馨 Zone” and was named after a suggestion from an employee who won a naming competition for the area.

“The Chinese character ‘馨’ carries the meaning of ‘warm and caring’ (溫馨 ) which is a key element in Towngas’ culture. The name also signifies the area is a place for our colleagues to relax and have fun”, Fan said.

In the showroom of the building, employees can visit the Towngas Hall of Innovation, which promotes the company’s motto “growth equals innovation x implementation”. The room showcases the company’s inventions and gives credit to the employees who helped create them.

By recognising colleagues who have successfully created or innovated products adopted by Towngas, the company aims to continuously promote an innovative culture.

Towngas 1 “馨 Zone” on the 11th floor comprises several areas aimed at promoting employee wellness and communication.

Towngas clinic A company clinic provides medical services to Towngas employees, with a doctor and nurses attending on a daily basis.

Towngas mother care room A well-equipped mother care room promotes breastfeeding by providing a comfortable and secure environment for mothers of newborn babies.

Towngas 6 After working hours, an office area can be transformed into a table-tennis court for employees' enjoyment.

Towngas 8 The office features a library with more than 400 books, with new items being added every month. Employees can borrow and return them through self-service.

Towngas 9 A “dream zone” provides a dedicated place for teams to brainstorm, dream and unleash their creativity.

Towngas 11 Organic farming is practised on the roof of the North Point headquarters to raise environmental awareness and promote a green office environment. Interested employees can sign up for training and volunteer to take care of the plants on the green roof.

Towngas 12 The Towngas Hall of Innovation features the names and photos of Towngas inventors together with their products in recognition of their efforts and contributions to the company.

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