At HubSpot, part of creating a workplace that reflects how modern humans live and work includes having a great office culture and design.

The firm believes that its culture code is the operating system that powers the business and that it should be reflected even in the design of its offices.

Katie Burke, HubSpot’s vice president of culture and experience explains: "At HubSpot, one of our best perks is our people and we understand that a great office culture is essential. We believe our culture code is the operating system that powers the business and it should be reflected even in the design of our offices.

Kitchen Booths

"Our goal is to have lots of open space where people can meet, either by design or chance, and brainstorm or work out problems. For example, we like our engineers to run into sales people to get feedback on products and want the design of our office space to encourage that."

HubSpot also places a high value on transparency, hence the open office plan.

"We have an open office plan where everyone sits at desks among each other rather than in individual offices with closed doors. This creates an environment where access to any individual is easy, comfortable and available," Burke explains.


In line with the value of transparency, the firm also has an internal wiki where employees literally share everything.

"The wiki houses project plans, meeting notes, company financials, progress plans, goals, and much more.

"This allows everyone insight into nearly everything going on at any given time which in turn allows our employees to do their best work with all the information they need at their fingertips."

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Additionally, as the firm values diversity, its office is designed to be inclusive and to accommodate the various needs of its employees.

"For example, we have a dedicated mother's room that provides a hygienic and relaxed environment for our working moms."

Other than reflecting its culture and values, HubSpot's engaging office space helps improve the productivity of its employees.

Burke explains: "From game rooms that rejuvenate to well-stocked kitchen for mid-day cravings, our employees work in an environment that takes care of their well-being and encourages breaks."


"Even the desks in our office can be elevated for employees take a standing, or sitting, break depending on how they prefer to work. We've found that short breaks can increase concentration, alertness and work speed."

Additionally, the games room and pantry in HubSpot's open concept office also allows employees to run into each other and interact.

"These ‘overlap zones’encourage collaboration and a sense of community," Burke says.


A piece of advice Burke has for companies planning to redecorate their offices is to "start with looking inwards and learning about their company culture and what motivates their employees and makes them happiest."

"The most important thing is to think about your office space as an investment in scaling your culture," she says.

She points out: "That investment doesn’t necessary require a complete office redesign. Updates can range and changes to your office design can be as simple as adding more plants and greenery to your office. Researchers have found that it can increase productivity by 15%."

Additionally, Burke suggests that companies can also invest in movable desks that encourage movement and collaboration in the office.

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