By creating an environment that is well-equipped, flexible, and fun, Booster aims to inspire organic connections between team members and foster innovation. The company's offices are, in fact, designed and built as a direct result of feedback from team members.



"At Booster, we are committed to our team, our customers and our company's core values," says Darcy Smith, vice president of team development at Booster.

The firm's core values include treating others as one would treat oneself, taking responsibility and pride  in one's work, innovation, and always striving to find ways to improve things.



"Innovation is not just one of our core values, it’s something we take a lot of pride in. We love coming to work—we're among friends and colleagues; we're challenged to think creatively and to take ownership every single day while focusing our attention on making sure our customers are happy. In short, we're inspired by the work we do and our environment plays a big role in that," Smith explains.

The firm also focuses on creating a work environment that connects team members.

It offers catered lunches on Tuesdays, free healthy snacks and coffee, and a breakout area with a PlayStation4 console, foosball table, darts, and tabletop board games. It hosts monthly bonding events such as movie nights, special lunches or dinners, cooking competitions, a spring cleaning day, High Five Day (in support of finding a cure for kids with cancer), among other initiatives.

Each event is specifically designed to promote unity and camaraderie among the team.



"At Booster, it’s not the number of amenities that we offer but what we do for our team that matters. We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes up to 21 days of paid leave, medical benefits for team members and their immediate family, dental, and vision, and education assistance," Smith observes.

"The biggest win for Booster is the quality of the productivity. By having everyone in the team sit in the same open space (no one has an office), we promote transparency and encourage interaction. This has increased information sharing between team members and promoted idea sharing."

In breakout areas, team members can de-stress in a fun relaxed environment and connect with each other.



On what advice she would give to other firms who are trying to design offices, Smith says it is essential to involve everyone.

"The office environment can help the team understand what the company is trying to achieve. For example, in our business we help customers raise funds online by selling customer apparel for causes they are passionate about. In turn, our office is decorated with Marvel comic characters to inspire us to be superheroes, just like our customers are for the causes they support."



Ultimately, Smith believes getting feedback from the team and putting that feedback into action, creates a sense of ownership in the space and fosters an environment that the team feels proud to come to every day.

"It speaks volumes when you put team members’ well-being first and it helps inspire their continued growth and success in the organisation," she says.

Check out more photos from the office in the gallery below:

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