Australian firm Oomiak Refrigeration (Oomiak), which installs and maintains refrigeration systems, has opened its first Southeast Asian office in Kuala Lumpur.

Oomiak currently has an existing client base in Asia, including Malaysia's Kawan, and companies from countries such as Sri Lanka, South Korea, and the Philippines.

With this in mind, Cate McGuire, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, says establishing a permanent presence in Asia has always been part of the firm's growth plan.

She also said this new office in Kuala Lumpur has already gained interest from the Malaysian government, which has recognised the need for sustainability in fresh produce.

On the reason for specifically choosing Kuala Lumpur, McGuire attributed it to the state being a central hub which acts as an "easy springboard" to the rest of the region, as well as the convenience of direct flights to the Adelaide, where Oomiak is headquartered.

She added: "We set out to have a presence across Australia – and we’ve been doing some work overseas during that time – and now we're taking that model permanently over into new markets so it is only the beginning."

UST Global expands office in Singapore, to hire more talent in next 3 years

UST Global, a digital transformation solutions company, has announced the expansion of its new Singapore office, after having expanded its presence with more than 35 offices in more than 25 countries including the US, India, Mexico, UK, Malaysia, the Philippines, Spain and Poland.

The new space nearly doubles the footprint of the previous Singapore-based office, and is located at Beach Road, in The Concourse Tower.

The 4,100 sqft facility will feature many private office suites and over 50 workstations in a space with distinctive architecture and progressive design elements. It houses a high-tech security operations centre for its cyber security practice and a talent development centre for enriching talent on cutting-edge and niche skills such as IOT, RPA, cyber security, and more.

UST Global plans to leverage local Singapore talent in addition to providing opportunities for recent university graduates and IT experts keen on developing their technology skills. The firm will add over 100 more local jobs through the next three years.

On this, Kiren Kumar, Chief Digital Industry Officer, Digital Industry Singapore, commented: "This expansion is testament to Singapore's position as a leading centre for innovation and talent and is a good example of how companies can help equip our workforce with the necessary skills to capture the opportunities arising from digital transformation."

Lead photo / UST Global