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Manager’s values vs. Organisation’s values: Which do staff prefer?

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As more Millennials enter the workforce, there has been an increased focus on culture and values. When it comes to culture and values, we all know alignment is crucial.

Interestingly, according to PERSOLKELLY’s latest APAC Workforce Insights report, 61% of Singaporean respondents revealed that workers favour their manager’s personal values over the broader values of the organisation when choosing whether to stay or seek opportunities elsewhere.

Surveying more than 9,000 hiring managers and candidates in nine APAC countires (including Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong), the report further revealed that team spirit was a key reason for why local employees put a premium on their manager’s values.

One in two respondents (50%) cited the need to fit into their team culture and feel a sense of belonging, while 46% wanted to be part of a harmonious and productive team.

By sector, employees working in legal (71%), banking and financial services (64%), and government(64%) placed the greatest emphasis on the values of its managers.

This comes with benefits to the organisation. About half (52%) of respondents have observed that staff whose values aligned with their managers would see increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

That said, there is a risk of workers disengaging if their manager does not share the corporate values and leaves the team, with 42% of respondents agreeing that employees may feel disconnected to their organisation’s values. This underscores the importance of ensuring alignment between manager and organisational values.

Foo See Yang, managing director and country head, Singapore, at Kelly Services, said: “As role models for their organisation’s strategy and values, managers are integral for ensuring cultural consistency across the business. This is essential for organisations who want to keep their best talent when its managers move on.

“Productivity, culture, and the bottom line are all impacted when leaders do not nurture their teams in line with company values. Organisations should invest in training their leaders to embed their corporate values, alongside the alignment of its internal policies, processes, and systems, so there is consistency across the business.”

While workers in Singapore favoured their manager’s values over their organisations’, there was a large variance in levels of agreement across Asia-Pacific (APAC).

About three in five respondents from Indonesia (68%), India (64%), Malaysia (62%), and Hong Kong (61%) agreed that workers are likely to base their decision-making on their manager’s values. On the other hand, less than half of respondents from Australia (49%) and New Zealand (40%) agreed.

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