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The plan outlines four key strategic thrusts, 15 strategic initiatives as well as 52 programmes geared towards making public service labour policies more inclusive and progressive.

Launched on Tuesday (26 October 2021), by Director General of Public Service YBhg. Tan Sri Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman, the plan outlines four key strategic thrusts, 15 strategic initiatives, as well as 52 programmes and activities targeted to be achieved within five years, with the following aims:

  • Support the government's desire to strengthen human resource management and enhance effective governance for delivery of excellence services;
  • Empower the culture of public service organisations through strengthening the practice of values;
  • Aim for the development of prosperous and high-performing human capital;
  • Be a source of reference to agencies in the delivery of psychological services efficiently, professionally, and thoroughly, and
  • Provide value returns to the country on human capital development efforts.

It is also noted to be in line with the government's current direction, which includes the Shared Prosperity Vision (WKB), the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), and the Human Resource Development Policy (DPSM).

Based on the analysis of past achievements, environmental issues and challenges, as well as alignment with the current direction of the civil service and the country, the strategy and formulation for the implementation of the action plan is detailed as follows:

Strengthening service governance and regulation

This involves strengthening the governance of psychological services at all levels of management to ensure the implementation of responsibilities to develop the human capital of the public service in an orderly, accountable and effective manner.

It will also allow psychological services in human resource management to be implemented in an orderly manner, facilitate assessment, and be dynamic in nature.

Comprehensive and effective delivery of service

In line with the key focus areas in strengthening the effectiveness of Human Resource Management, service delivery excellence is one of the cores to form an effective and comprehensive service.

Service delivery is also seen to be related to the level of competence and skills of a psychological personnel. The current situation also shows that the issues of organisational psychology are becoming increasingly complex, adjusting to the wants and changes in the way of the modern working world, the plan highlighted.

As a proactive measure, the report pointed out that the level of skills and number of expertise in psychological services should be increased according to the needs of the organisation in particular.

The creation of a group of psychologists by 2025 will be able to catalyse the excellence of service delivery and, in turn, drive the improvement of the wellbeing of the public service.

Improving the wellbeing of human capital in the public service

Now more than ever, human resource development is the main focus of organisations in dealing with environmental change. The more prosperous the human resources, the more sustainable the organisation will face the challenges and changes of the environment, the plan noted.

Issues that disrupt the level of productivity of civil servants need to be addressed at various levels - be it at an organisational or individual level. The individual well being of civil servants needs to be given attention, as it affects the development of the country as a whole.

Departments in the government sector need to focus on building a mental health service system of civil servants to meet the needs of the new era in nation building.

Strengthening values and building an excellent organisational culture

Public service excellence is driven by leadership, management, clear work processes and technological capabilities. The civil service needs to focus on strengthening values and building an excellent organisational culture.

New psychological approaches such as positive psychology, behavioral insights, occupational psychology, and so on will be translated into programmes and activities in an effort to produce civil servants who are virtuous, hold integrity, professional, while also creating a healthy, safe and harmonious work environment.


With the above in mind, the plan out lined key steps of implementation that will be followed:

Raising awareness

Implement efforts to increase strategic management awareness through the distribution of documents, promotions and briefing sessions to the group of officers involved.

Achievement status reporting

Status of the achievement of the implementation of the Strategic Plan through reporting presented in key meetings such as management meetings, liaison meetings and so on to assess the annual achievements.

Development of SKT and KPI

The management/ officers involved need to develop Annual Work Targets (SKT) for planned initiatives including setting Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for key programs that are important to be emphasized.

Establish an 'Operational Plan' or 'Implementation Mileage Schedule'

Establish an Operational Plan or Implementation Mileage Schedule to ensure that the implementation is carried out in accordance with the time period targeted in the Action Plan.

Monitoring and compliance

This plan is a document that serves as the main guide for the direction of psychological services in human resource management.

Continuous monitoring of the targets and achievements of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each initiative will ensure that this document remains relevant and continues to be a reference.

To ensure that psychological services in human resource management play their respective roles and responsibilities to achieve the objectives within five years, the strategies and action plans in this plan will be monitored annually or periodically by the Working Committee to the Psychology Committee of the Public Service.

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