We're back for a third year of Employee Benefits Asia 2015 to help you keep pace with the latest rewards trends, while providing a great place to network and learn from peers, aiding you in your journey to achieve C&B goals.

On this page, you can catch live updates from the conference, brought to straight from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - from all the tweets on #EBA2015 to the top advice dished out by our speakers, with some photos through the day.

#EBA2015 Tweets

Day two- August 20, 2015

That brings Employee Benefits Asia 2015 to an end. Thanks to those who spoke and supported it! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Our final segment for the day, but not the least, is a panel discussion on online C&B platforms and dashboards to manage information and decision making better.

On the panel is (L-R) moderator Akankasha Dewan (senior journalist for Human Resources), Norbert Modla (global head of HR, JF Hillebrand Group), Butch Clas (director HR SEA, ANZ and India, Dow Chemical Pacific), and Bitasta Mehta (executive director C&B, SEANAP, Nielsen).

Mehta advises on the use of software: "If you have deep pockets for a software with the ability to scale across functions, that is good. But if not, develop macros which you can integrate into your system."

AK panel EBA SG


Learn how to use C&B data effectively from Bitasta Mehta, executive director, compensation and benefits, SEANAP at Nielsen.

She says, "You can have the fanciest of charts and metrics, but you need to be able to train HR leaders first to ensure they know what can be improved."



Ng Ying Yuan from the Singapore Economic Development Board takes the stage to talk about her company's talent development policies.

"The nature of our work is such that we don’t need to be physically present at work, so we ensure our staff can work wherever they want. This gives our officers and employees a flexibility."



Norbert Modla, global head HR, from JF Hillebrand Group discusses the most effective communication and branding initiatives which can be used to retain employees.

"The new knowledge economy is different than from what is was 200 years ago. The way we create value is different and now, people have choice."


Is the aging population & retirement planning a key area for C&B in Asia? Neil Narale of Mercer AMEA discusses.

"Individuals across generations are ready to take on more risk when it comes to saving for retirement - but they need guidance."



Dushyant Ajwani of American Express opens Employee Benefits Asia 2015 with innovation in wellness programmes as the theme.

"We’re in an environment with constant pressure to deliver, so American Express designed a programme for employees to really be more mindful and present in the moment, and respect people and their time."



Human Resources' senior journalist Akankasha Dewan opens the conference to welcome all delegates and partners.

"Yesterday, we heard various distinguished industry leaders share their top and most effective C&B strategies. Over the course of the next few hours, we will hear experts from companies such as American Express, Nielsen and the Singapore Economic Development board who will grace this stage to reveal the secrets behind their effective C&B strategies."



Day one - August 19, 2015

That wraps up Day 1 of Employee Benefits Asia 2015! We’ll be back tomorrow to hear from American Express, JF Hillebrand Group, and more.

Panelists from Mercer, Alstom, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dell and  Wentworth People delve into expat compensation at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"Within the same organisation, there seems to be a population of traditional expats, as well as a large local population. So what are the triggers to define who should be on an expat package?" said Mario Ferraro, principal, regional leader, global mobility - Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey for Mercer.

"These days the expat package depends on how hard or easy it is to make the employee move, and we find it is easier to get them to move," said Anna Tan, managing director of Wentworth People.

"When moving somebody for a short duration for developmental purposes or as part of a succession, we would send them on an expat assignment, because they need to come back and take up a role back here," said Shipra Kumar, head of compensation and benefits - Southeast Asia and South Korea for Boehringer Ingelheim.

"How critical is the position - that is the first thing we consider. The second factor is the skill set - is it something unique that you can’t find in the local market?" Ombelle Zhang, compensation and benefits director - South Asia/ANZ for Dell.


Want to develop a relevant local plus programme that meets mobility needs? Joanne S.Y. Chan, compensation and benefits director, East Asia Pacific for Alstom tells us how at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"The  business must always come first. Don’t move too quickly to the solution. Look for the best fit, not the best practice," said Joanne S.Y. Chan, compensation and benefits director, East Asia Pacific for Alstom. 



Hear about developing a pay model that engages talent and ensures retention from Ombelle Zhang, compensation and benefits director - South Asia/ANZ for Dell at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"The fundamental thing in designing a salary structure is to answer the question on how many grades we want in our company," said Ombelle Zhang, compensation and benefits director - South Asia/ANZ for Dell.



Before moving on to our next segment, let us enjoy a performance by Team Music at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.



Learn to integrate Medishield Life into your benefits programme from Khor Ling Ling, deputy director, performance and rewards for Changi General Hospital at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"You need to think about healthcare benefits based on employees' job as well as their age. Because not all employee needs are the same," noted Khor Ling Ling, deputy director, performance and rewards for Changi General Hospital.



Chloe Gan, associate director of HR for Arvato Systems talks about how the firm retains talent through work-life balance and flexi-time arrangements at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"Your employees will remember the small things you do for them and it can help them decide to stay with your company for a long period of time," said Chloe Gan, associate director of HR for Arvato Systems.



The first panel, led by Human Resources' regional editor Aditi Sharma Kalra, sees HR experts from BD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lime House and Mercer Marsh Benefits discussing the latest C&B trends in APAC at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"There are 2 ways to measure ROI. One is to measure it on typical HR metrics, such as employee engagement and retention. And the second is to base it on real data and numbers which you can use to talk with the rest of the business," said Liana Attard, Asia consulting leader, employee health and benefits for Mercer Marsh Benefits.

"For benefits, data is generated more on the cost of the programme, rather than the benefits of the programme," said Shipra Kumar, head of compensation and benefits - Southeast Asia and South Korea for Boehringer Ingelheim.

Carlo Felicia, total rewards director, Asia Pacific for BD noted, "There's a difference in what staff want, for example a gym, and their actual utilisation of the gym when we deliver it. So how do you justify the costs?"

"A value-based approach to ROI is trending in Asia. Increasingly, companies are engaging employees more and surveying them on their needs. The root of this is the need for HR to be more business focused," observes Chris Morris, independent consultant and owner of Lime House.



Founder & CEO of CXA, Rosaline Koo, kickstarts Employee Benefits Asia 2015 with a keynote on employee benefits trends in Asia.

"We’re trying to shift healthcare from treatment to prevention," said Rosaline Koo, Founder & CEO of CXA.



Human Resources' regional editor Aditi Sharma Kalra opens the conference to welcome our delegates and partners at Employee Benefits Asia 2015.

"We have hosted this conference for three years in Singapore, and this year, we are proud to bring this successful format to HR and rewards leaders in both Malaysia and Hong Kong," said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources.

"Because when it comes to rewarding staff and implementing compensation and benefits programmes, many organisations throughout Asia Pacific are, in fact, facing quite similar dilemmas."



We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at Employee Benefits Asia 2015, Singapore at Shangri-La. See you soon!