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LGBT assignees can now make more informed business decisions

Global consulting leader Mercer, and cultural learning provider RW3 CultureWizard; have enhanced their co-created CulturalTrainingPassport assignment tool to include comprehensive content for LGBT executives and expatriates. Professionals can now find country-by-country information that sheds light on attitudes towards the LGBT community for more than 100 countries worldwide in an online format.

New content in the platform will be housed within country profiles alongside existing cultural content, including practical tips for businesswomen and female travellers. Separately, articles provided in the platform will now include data related to a range of sensitive social considerations, including attitudes towards race and religion, for 75 countries.

Godelieve Van Dooren, regional benefits leader, Mercer said:  “With Asia considered a hotspot for globally mobile staff with cities like Singapore and Hong Kong acting as popular regional hubs, understanding the nuances of each Asian market specifically in terms of the LGBT community is crucial.”

Citing Mercer’s 2017 Global LGBT Benefits around the World Survey, she added that companies need to remove barriers and enhance their attractiveness as a workplace, specifically for Millennials who are attracted to brands that demonstrate mindful corporate and social responsibility.

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