Yesterday, Malaysia's Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran shared a Facebook post on a meeting to discuss the various pending amendments to the country's Acts under the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR).

The meeting was attended by HR heads and representatives of multinational corporations (MNCs), and organised by the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

In the post, he explained that topics discussed were especially related to labour laws, foreign workers, increased cost of doing business and how to mitigate these costs, alongside talks about the effects of the amendments.

He wrote: "My team and myself explained our rationale on these amendments but listened to their suggestions and even expressed that we are open to re-looking at certain amendments.

"Clarifying on certain matters, I assured that there (is) no new policy on employment passes for expatriate workers and category III remains and everything remains (at the) status quo."

He also affirmed to Malaysians that the ministry is firm about maintaining a healthy business environment for both MNCs and local companies.

Photo / Facebook post