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Jobs that light up our holidays and what they pay

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Christmas is less than two weeks away and people around the world are scrambling to get gifts for their co-workers, friends and family. Santa’s reindeer today are the delivery drivers and mail carriers that make online and retail shopping possible, to meet with the demands of the last-minute shopping rush.

At the same time, his modern-day elves are the people who make toys and electronics, bikes and books and goodies that light up our holidays each year.  Each one of them works round the clock, even on the weekends and at odd hours, to get us our gifts on time.

With all their hard work and the value they add to our holiday spirits, are they really paid their worth?

According to PayScale’s latest wage data, built based on the salary profiles of 33,041 employees in the United States between December 2015 and December 2018, they are indeed.

The average annual pay earned by these workers is reflected in the infographic below, providing an estimate based on USD:


Infographic and lead image / Payscale

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