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Inspections underway at Malaysia’s Skills Development Fund Corporation

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Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran has said that the new government needs time to iron out issues at the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK), before loans can be distributed to trainees, as reported by The Star Online

He was asked to comment on the problems faced by trainees who could not continue their training programme as they could not get loans from the corporation.

PTPK is a federal statutory body under the Ministry of Human Resources and is responsible for managing continuous skills and training loan funds for those undergoing skills training.

The human resources ministry is currently resolving some issues with the corporation before loans can be distributed to trainees. Furthermore, Kulasegaran said the ministry wanted to check the corporation properly before the money could be disbursed.

He assures that the matter will be resolved soon.

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Meanwhile, Malaysians have been urged to embrace diversity and celebrate differences by Klang MP Charles Santiago, via a statement on his Facebook page.

In his statement he said: “The new Pakatan Harapan government was elected on its promises of reforms and inclusivity. We, as such, need to learn to embrace diversity and celebrate differences. And most importantly, allow people opportunities based on merit.”

“Such systemic discrimination must stop under the new government or Malaysia will continue to be a hostile place for the LGBT community,” he added.

He concluded with a request to the government to repeal all laws and regulations that discriminate against the community.

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