To Hong Kong chief executive hopeful Carrie Lam, a desk full of files indicates hard work. In a recent debate, she attempted to take a dig at rival John Tsang Chun-wah by boasting about her file-covered desk.

During the debate Lam said: "John used to be my boss. When I went to his room for meetings, I saw that there were no files, no paper on his desk." The reference to his empty desk was taken to imply that he had done minimal work.

Lam's desk, on the other hand, was "always full of files and documents," she said to make her point, to which Tsang reportedly replied that it was more important to work smart.

Lam isn't the only one who believes the state of someone's desk says something about their working style. While it's hardly science, the team at Marketo put together the below infographic detailing the different kinds of desks you can find in the office.

Intrestingly, according to Marketo, no matter how you keep your desk, there's always something negative about it. Perhaps the lesson here is to keep your desk as you prefer, and let your colleagues do the same.

 Marketo infographic - hr

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