When LEGO designed its Singapore Hub, it wanted the new office to be an enabler of collaboration, coherence and simplicity.

"At the LEGO Singapore Hub we have designed the office around the same set of principles as we use for culture and leadership," said Jesper Petersen, senior director of APAC human resources at the LEGO Group.

"The physical layout should be looked at as more than just a nice office. It should be a place you get energy from and where you really want to spend time."

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With a fun culture that sees children as role models, rather than developing the office with only productivity in mind, the organisation chose to focus on the ways of working instead.

LEGO wanted to give all employees - regardless of seniority - an opportunity to work in a zone that fits the task or the activity they are doing, and their individual preference.



"It’s not about the outcome or delivery, but rather on ways of working – the LEGO ways of working. For example, we believe that taking a coherent approach in everything we do is critically important throughout the company," Petersen said.

"We enable employees to do that by changing seating throughout a workday or week, and in an orchestrated way meeting colleagues from other teams in a random way.

"We have already seen more collaboration and a better understanding of the end-to-end value chain," he observed.



When redesigning the office, a piece of advice Petersen has is: "Engage the leadership team in identifying the drivers of this change.

"If it’s really about how you want the office to look like, you can establish cheaper solutions," he explained.

"On the other hand if you are looking to strengthen your culture, improve ways of working and embed certain sets of behaviours – then you should consider activity based working or a different concept that will help you fulfil your aspirations."

"The office can be an enabler for culture, leadership, behaviours and more. However, it can also be just an office!"

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