Companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) fare better than their global counterparts when it comes to collecting, analysing and leveraging on employee performance data.

According to a new report by Alexander Mann Solutions, companies headquartered in this region are more likely to collate data from their organisations, with a focus to relate it to revenue per employee, employee productivity and profit per employee.

APAC companies were also found to be better at gathering the data, as well as applying it to enhance talent acquisition strategies.

The report, which surveyed 380 HR managers across APAC, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North America, also found while 90% of companies worldwide collect employee data, only 51% used it to improve its talent acquisition processes, while 32% do not examine available employee data at all.

“Our research demonstrates that even companies that may have a culture of disciplined data analysis do not necessarily have the boardroom backing to integrate that practice into their talent acquisition and management processes,” Martin Cerullo, managing director for development at Alexander Mann Solutions APAC, said.

“However, those that do are reaping the benefits and winning market share in their industry sectors.”

Companies that have failed to leverage on employee data said its biggest challenges were due to a lack of a technology system capable of collating, analysing and ensuring consistency of data across geographies and business units, limited resources within the HR function, and a lack of accountability and discipline in the execution stages.