Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all: Top five ways to celebrate it

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all: Top five ways to celebrate it


Dear Readers,

(A still very hot) mid-autumn is here. It’s time to get ready for arguably the brightest and roundest full moon, and celebrate one of the most important traditional festivals of the year!

Over the past three years, most of us may have found our own ways to adapt to the new normal. This year, whether you’re planning to throw an overnight carnival party with your buddies, or planning to enjoy some tranquil intimate time with your loved ones, after all, the Mid-Autumn Festival is all about celebrating togetherness and reunions.

And the good news for those based in Hong Kong: You don’t have to use any leave quota to enjoy a long weekend of three whole days!

No matter where you are, let’s put our hectic work aside, walk away from our office/working desk, and indulge ourselves in the festival vibes to recharge and get in good shape for the rest of the year. Of course, don’t forget to make the most of your time with someone you care about.

And here, we share five traditional activities that you may enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues during the festival period. Hope you all have fun and memorable moments together.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and heartwarming Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival!

Enjoy the celebrations :) 

The Human Resources Online team

Five ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 

Having dinner together

As the festive season celebrates reunions and perfection, what better way than having a big feast with your family, friends and colleagues?


Eating mooncakes

How can we celebrate the Moon Festival without eating mooncakes? Usually filled with lotus seed or red bean paste and salted duck egg yolk filling, this little pastry delicacy has been evolving over the years with a wide range of varieties and flavours available nowadays, including snow skin, ice cream, and lava custard – a big hit in recent years! Everyone should find one that suits their palate. 


Moon watching

A quiet and poetic way to celebrate the Moon Festival. You can appreciate the moon all by yourself or with a group of people. Several locations offer a great view of the Moon, such as a mountaintop, a park, a rooftop, and of course for some people, home.

In light of this, the Hong Kong Observatory has announced the moon times for this year’s festival period. ​The Mid-Autumn Festival this year falls on 10 September 2022  (Saturday) and the full moon will appear at 5.59pm (HKT/SGT/MYT) right before the moonrise that night. Set your clock and don't miss it!


Making, playing and appreciating colourful lanterns

A happy and fun activity for both adults and children. You can DIY a beautiful lantern with colourful papers, or even in a more traditional way, with grapefruit peel. Or, just simply buy one. A rabbit-shaped lantern is the all-time favourite.

There are also different kinds of lantern displays or exhibitions across Hong Kong districts every year. Good spots to take photos and get some views and likes on social media! For readers in SingaporeMalaysia or other markets, you may also find festive events in your own city.


Guessing lantern riddles

So after all the eating and physical activities, how about teasing your brain with a little game? Guessing the lantern riddles, or called dang mai, is one of the traditions to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times. The riddles were usually based on a poem or a phrase, and written on the sides of lanterns. The topics can range from serious issues to daily trifles.

Though not being written on a lantern, let’s try these:

Always old, sometimes new. Never sad, sometimes blue.
Never empty, sometimes full. Never pushes, always pulls.
It can be full, it can be half, and sometimes it can be a crescent.
(Guess a celestial object)

Cute fluffy
Jumps deftly.
Loves cabbage, loves carrot.
To touch yourself, it will not allow.
After all, very cowardly this.
(Guess an animal)

I bring crops, I sow fields again,
I send birds to the south, they take down trees,
But I don’t touch pines and Christmas trees.
(Guess a season)

Easy right? Yes, you got it, the answers are “Moon”, "Rabbit" and "Autumn" respectively. Share with us if you have any funny riddle(s) – be it Mid-Autumn Festival-related or not. Happy Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival everyone!

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