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Happy HR Day 2022: A thank you note for all that you do

Happy HR Day 2022: A thank you note for all that you do


To commemorate International HR Day, we in HRO want to thank you for the awe-inspiring work that you have been doing.

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With inputs by Arina Sofiah, Lester Tan, and Priya Sunil

Dear Readers,

HR is 100% the most exciting function to be in, and we can vouch for that! A space where you solve real problems, for real people, making real impact.

The most rewarding day at work could mean a thank-you from a people manager who is benefitting from the tools & frameworks you've created for having more authentic performance conversations, or an acknowledgement in the engagement survey on how easy it is to access and understand one's own rewards information, or a note of gratitude from an employee who's managed to make their way into a new role successfully after taking up the learning opportunities you've curated. 

A role where you spend all day creating people-related solutions in all sorts of unexpected ways, that can sometimes be transactional, most often transformational, but always fulfilling.

We in HRO want to thank you for the awe-inspiring work that you have been doing. To commemorate International HR Day on 20 May 2022, we've put together a special feature where we asked you one question:

What is your #1 wish for HR in the next 2-3 years?

It was delightful reading all that you have shared, and we sincerely wish, alongside you, that all of these wishes come true! We hope you'll continue to lend us your voice and thoughts as we continue to work hard and bring you the most relevant content to elevate the HR profession.

PS - If you'd like to add your wish to the ones below, simply write in to us at

Happy HR day, folks!

Warm wishes,
Your friends at Human Resources Online (HRO)

Charise Le, Chief Human Resources Officer, Schneider Electric

charise le schneider electric

"My wish is that we harness the power of all five generations currently in the workforce. This means providing more opportunities for early careers as well as using the experience of those later in their careers, too. This has to be supported by a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture."

Dhilip Kumar Raju, Head of Staffing - Asia Pacific (Talent Acquisition, Talent Mobility and Immigration), Tata Consultancy Services

"It’s the most exciting time for members of the HR clan, ever. We have all hired, engaged, retained, developed, and transformed careers remotely. The collective experience HR has gained in the process makes its possible for us to wish for a future where (1) right skilling, (2) embracing talent on cloud, (3) sustainable, secured, seamless hybrid work arrangements, and (4) a fully leveraged talent economy while borders continue to diminish, becomes inevitable."

Vishal Sharma, Head of Human Resources, Asia, Aditya Birla Chemicals

vishal provided resized

"HR is passionate about the learning of employees and takes extraordinary pains to deliver on the learning agenda for employees. Sadly, the same passion is not seen when it comes to HR’s learning. HR’s tool kit has not expanded compared to the changes around us. We rely on old tools and do not venture to other areas when our tools are not adequate enough to solve our challenges. I wish to see HR taking giant strides in enhancing its tool kit and learn from areas like evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, behavioral sciences, and neurosciences."

Sajjad Parmar, Head of Reward - APAC, eBay

sajjad ebay provided

"Firstly, I wish for HR to continue to show empathy to everyone, which is what we need most. I wish for us as to elevate the function using technology and data which has never been easier. Most of our challenges require simple, practical solutions so I hope we can focus on what really matters for our people and our businesses and continue to add functional excellence through innovation, and courage."

Quyen Tran Thi, HR Director, TH Group

quyen thgroup provided resized

"From my desire to better serve both the organisation and each employee, I wish to have a collaborative hybrid model of human resources management supported by smart digital systems and including active engagement not only of HR professionals, but also people managers, and employees themselves. Automated systems and processes will effectively serve in HR administrative tasks and provide analytics for decision making. HR professionals then will be able to spend more 'human time' with managers and employees for people-centric initiatives."

Dr. Santhipharp Khamsa-Ard, Ph.D., Chief People Officer, Ananda Development Public Company

drsanthipharp ananda provided

"HR should work closely with AI and use an analytics approach to support people pillars. (We can look to) grow our HR mindsets with technology while keeping the senses of us as human beings. We can aim to design a variety of solutions for the workforce, engagement, branding and wellbeing. Finally, we must leverage HR knowledge as an international standard by using HR data analytics and a variety of tools."

Anupam Trehan, Senior Director People & Communities for Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China, Cisco

anupam cisco provided

"The last two years have seen HR as a function help organisations, people, and communities at large navigate through uncertain unprecedented times like never before. My wish and hope for the function is that we continue to lead the way to drive impact for the business, industry, and community with a focus on people experience, while embedding inclusion, diversity, listening, care, empathy, and fairness in everything we do."

Rajesh Kurup, Head of Human Resources, GigForce

"We are at the twilight of a great human resources transformation. Work, work-life, and life are all going through a major rejig, and HR is in the thick of it all. For HR professionals, this will be a great opportunity to upskill and learn newer methods. The use of data, AI, and chatbots, will greatly help HR professionals become more relevant to businesses. Truth be told, as the machine side of work becomes more developed, the 'living' side of humans develops equally. What emerges from the twilight in two-three years’ time would be a more rounded HR professional who has a great handle on technology and business and yet, is able to focus on the human side of HR."

Alvin Low, Head of People, Lotuss Malaysia

alvin lotuss provided resized

“HR plays an increasingly important role in the current business context and in the future. The theme for this year is HR Shaping the new future and it resonate very well with me. My number 1 wish for HR in the next 2-3 year is to continue to build a better workplace for everyone. Let’s take a moment to thank everyone of us and the journey continues....”

Cary Shek, Vice President, People and Culture, Klook

cary shek klook resized

"Location dependency should be phased out. The pandemic has proven that fixed locations are no longer essential - employees can remain productive whether they are physically in the office or not. Employees should be able to work from anywhere that best suits their needs. Employers will also be able to tap on a global talent pool and build a ‘true’ global team. The concept of the office has to evolve from 'the only place where work gets done' to the place for collaboration and culture cultivation."

Liton Kanti Sarker, Head of HR, Hirdaramani Bangladesh – Kenpark & Regency

"For our people, we have to think about their souls. In the current circumstances, people are working together but are not (in a way) together. Given the fact that we definitely like different perspectives, the important thing is how we can collectively align with all agreed views, without it still being a bit difficult to come across. Here, as HR leaders, we must develop our acumen to bring diverse thoughts closer together. Apart from this, fairness in our processes fairness, dignity, and respect are simultaneously important."

CS Maithreyi, Senior Manager - Human Resources & Administration, Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society

"HR is currently on a hairpin bend and the road ahead, as I wish, should be more focussed towards holistic employee experience backed by principles of organisational psychology, which in turn would lead us to re-strategise our recruitment models, total rewards, capacity building, and overall effectiveness. Exciting times ahead!"

Rabiu Adewara, Head of HR, UnbugQA

"My number one wish for HR is that we really bring the human in HR to full play and empower ourselves through ourselves." 

Jade Anibor, Head of Human Resource Department, Blue Apple Hotel

"My one wish for HR in the next two-three years is to create a more loving salary budget for junior staff, alongside other career opportunities that show a near-term growth. It shouldn't be about climbing the ladder, but making the ladder available and easy to reach. Being a junior staff is like being a nurse in an African country; where everyone wants to be a doctor and not a nurse. If there are no nurses, who will aid the doctors? Likewise if there are no junior staff, who will aid the management team? What will make us managers? Whom are we to train then to be our successor?

An organisational structure that is friendly towards junior staff is what I wish for in two-three years."

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