About 15,000 firms in Singapore's construction, marine shipyard and process sectors will benefit from an extension in foreign worker levy rebates, as part of the government's support efforts as they adjust to "much more stringent" safe management measures in light of COVID-19. 

From August 2020, firms in these sectors will receive a S$90 FWL rebate monthly for each Work Permit Holder, until December 2021. Closer to December 2021, the government will decide if there is a need to further extend the FWL rebate by another year to December 2022.

In line with the above, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced on Saturday (27 June) the details of a new S$1.36bn Construction Support Package, to help firms cope with the impact of the pandemic and resume work "quickly and safely.

This package will include the following:

  • A S$525.8mn construction restart booster which will be made available to help construction firms, which have to incur additional compliance costs unique to the sector in order to resume works safely.
  • Co-funding of 50% of the salaries of Safe Management Officers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents for six months from September 2020 to February 2021, provided the firms adhere to COVID-Safe Worksite practices.
  • Co-sharing of 50% of the prolongation costs for public sector construction contracts and tenders which closed before 1 June 2020, by Government Procurement Entities.

More information on the support package can be found in the BCA's press release

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