The recent 2017 Taxi Price Index revealed that Singapore has the 20th cheapest taxi fares in the world. According to the global survey by British online used car dealership Carspring, the typical fare from the airport to Singapore's centre would cost USD$27.31, while the cost per kilometre (km) fares at $0.41 with the initial hire at $2.75.

In comparison, the neighbouring Kuala Lumpur ranks 8th cheapest; with a trip from the airport to the city centre priced at $19.68, while the cost per km at $0.36. The initial hire for Kuala Lumpur taxis is at $0.71.

Going down the list, Hong Kong is ranked as the city with the 31st cheapest taxi fares. Commuters in Hong Kong can expect a fee of $35.90 for a ride from the airport to the city centre, with an initial hire at $2.90. The cost per km is $1.06.

Among other cities in the region, Mumbai was cheapest (2nd), followed by Jakarta (4th), and Bangkok (7th).

Taxi Index

At the top of the list, Cairo has the cheapest taxi fares in the world with a trip from the airport to the city centre costing $4.20, with the cost per km is at $0.10 and the initial hire at $0.23. On the other end, Zurich (80th) ranks as the city with the most expensive taxi fares with the costliest fare of $70.09 for a trip from the airport to the city centre. The initial fare is at $8.30 and each km costs $5.19.

Additionally, the study also highlighted that Uber operates in 65 of the 80 cities covered, including Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Speaking more on the study, Maximilian Vollenbroich, CEO at Carspring said: “Nothing beats the relief of hopping into a comfortable taxi after a long day of sightseeing in a new city.”

“But in some cities, this simply isn’t affordable, and in other places, tourists are at risk of being overcharged. We hope our research helps travellers prepare for safe, fun, and budget-friendly travel in whatever ride best suits them,” he concluded.

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