Talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e and psychometric games developer Arctic Shores have partnered to develop gamified assessments to help employers to attract and select job applicants.

Arctic Shores creates immersive mobile games, using neuroscience and applied psychology, covering topics such as innovation, resilience and general mental ability. Under the new partnership, cut-e will exclusively distribute these games globally, outside of the UK.

The two companies will also work together to develop a new breed of gamified assessments for pre-application attraction and candidate selection.

David Barrett, COO of cut-e, said: "Arctic Shores is a leading provider in the gamification arena and we’re delighted to distribute their games and to partner with them to develop the next generation of gamified assessments."

"These will offer an immersive, engaging and entertaining candidate experience but they’ll also provide rigorous psychometric insights about each applicant’s skills, abilities and their potential to perform in a role," he explained.

Robert Newry, MD and co-founder of Arctic Shores, added: "Through this partnership, cut-e will provide a global distribution channel for our existing psychometric games."

"We’ll also combine our gamification skills with their testing expertise to create new-style, distinctive assessments that will provide a fresh, enjoyable experience for candidates and which will help organisations to recruit the best people."

cut-e and Arctic Shores will work together on custom client projects, and these new assessments are expected to work across international boundaries and optimised for any device (phones, tablets, desktops and laptops). They are also expected to integrate with applicant tracking systems, candidate management applications and HR information systems.

Image: 123RF