Malaysia's Human Resource Minister, M Kulasegaran has advised parents to give support to their children to join programmes in TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training), and to counter negative perceptions towards the field.

He was reported saying this by Bernama at the pre-launch of the TVET Conference 2019 at KL Sentral.

He noted that countries like Australia, Germany and Singapore have emphasised on producing skilled TVET graduates demanded by the industry. As such, he said TVET graduates could easily find jobs with high pay compared to academic graduates.

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"We want our children to believe that TVET creates skilled workers who get higher pay," he affirmed.

At the event, the Minister also announced the appointment of singer Yusry Abdul Halim, popularly known as Yusry KRU, as the ministry's TVET Icon in an effort to attract young people into the field.