HR tech blogger Adrian Tan and advisory firm have recently released the 2019 edition of the Singapore HR Tech Market Map, featuring over 160 local and overseas HR tech service providers.

The HR tech service providers have been categorised across seven major talent segments:

  • Talent Analytics - featuring TrustSphere, Pulsifi, and more
  • Talent Development - featuring Bid4Skill, SmartUp, and more
  • Talent Operations - featuring GPayroll, HReasily, JustLogin, and more
  • Talent Engagement - featuring EngageRocket, O.C. Tanner, Xoxoday, and more
  • Talent Acquisition - featuring Indeed, Glints, ServiceDott, SMS 24/7, and more
  • HRMS - featuring Bipo, Swingvy, Ramco, Unit4, and more
  • Talent Rewards - featuring Virgin Pulse, Rewardz, WellteQ, and more
Tan commented: "There are two key factors for the rapid growth of HR tech players servicing the Singapore talent marketplace. Firstly, the productivity focus of the Singapore government is nudging enterprises to adopt digital HR systems faster and better. Second, enterprises are increasingly feeling the need to better engage with their employees, more specifically Millennials, to recruit and retain them."

Analysing the market, Sriram Iyer, CEO,, shared the hot areas seem to be talent acquisition and talent engagement, considering that over 50% of the players are present in this segment.

Check out the full market map below: [right click the image below and 'Open image in a new tab' to view the details]

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