The Ministry of Manpower yesterday issued a notice of eServices maintenance on 16 September from 7am to 8pm.

During that period the following 27 eServices will not be available to employers:

  • Application for exemption from Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP)
  • Application for flexible work schedule
  • Application for overtime exemption
  • Application for salary deduction
  • Checking of worker training records
  • Employment Pass Online (EPOL)
  • Management of test results
  • Notification for employment of young children
  • Notification for retrenchment exercise
  • Online Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS)
  • Payment of FMMD composition
  • Registration and management of lifting equipment
  • Registration and management of pressure vessels
  • Registration and management of WSH professional and competent person certificate
  • Registration and management of WSH service provider certificate
  • Registration of foreign domestic worker’s interim address
  • Submission of appeal for an FMMD case
  • Submission and management of noise monitoring reports
  • Submission and management of toxic substances monitoring reports
  • Submission and management of medical examinations reports
  • Submission and retrieval of ConSASS
  • Submission and retrieval of SS506 Part 3 audit
  • Submission of Safety Development Units (SDUs)
  • WicSubmit
  • Work Pass Online (WPOL) - For business and employment agency
  • Work Pass Online (WPOL) - For employers of FDWs
  • WSH Incident Reporting

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