With input from Aditi Sharma Kalra and Priya Sunil.

Did you know that today is Boss's Day?

Well, we didn't either because it's typically celebrated in the U.S. But, the team at Human Resources Online loves reasons to celebrate, so we're bringing this concept to Asia.

Here are six ideas we've put together on how you can make the most of today and show how much you appreciate your bosses.

#1 Bring on the old-school charm with a little thank-you card

Who doesn't love receiving cards? Sometimes, words of appreciation/affirmation from your team go a long way in motivating managers when the going gets tough. So, if you've got lots you want to thank your boss for, today's the day to get the team's thoughts penned down.

This can even be a team thing! To that, Gary Beckstrand, VP at O.C. Tanner, noted: "This is a great way to get the team together without having to coordinate schedules to do a lunch out together. Bringing the recognition moment to the office provides a simple way to express appreciation in a brief period of time and providing a chance for folks to express thanks, share a story or two. Your boss and all involved will appreciate the effort."


#2 Move over greeting cards, time for an Instagram post

If you, like many of us, represent the younger side of the age divide, then how about sharing a nice, thoughtful Instagram post? If you and your manager are into public displays of affection, then this is a fun way to relive some of the crazier photos you’ve snapped together apart from a sweet caption of your good times.


#3 Put together a mini care-pack

Chocolates, a stress ball, their favourite tea, or a gift cup to their favourite coffee place - anything that would put a little smile on their face and help them sit back, relax and de-stress a little.


#4 Bring a homemade treat

If you identify as the 'baking buddy' from our World Friendship Day special, this one is perfect for you. Simply whip up some of your famous matcha cakes, moist banana bread, or boozy cheesecakes and share some with your boss to show how much you appreciate them. Afterall, who doesn't love a homemade treat?


#5 Treat your boss to a drink (and treat yourself in the process)

An after-work cocktail, especially when Boss’ Day falls on a Wednesday (say hello to ladies’ night), is a fun way to take a mid-week break and treat someone who possibly needs that drink more than you, depending on how stressful their work is. Use the evening to catch up, gossip and let your hair down.


#6 Throw a simple office party

If you're in a fairly small office, like the team at Human Resources Online, and don't want the other bosses to feel left out of your little team celebration, why not throw an after work party? It doesn't have to be a very grand thing - simply order some pizza and grab a few drinks from the nearby convenience store and you're good to go!


In addition, Gary Beckstrand, VP at O.C. Tanner, has shared these two great ideas.

#7 A personalised thank you note

Write a personalised thank you note calling out a specific attribute or experience that was meaningful to you. Too often we hesitate to express personal appreciation to our bosses in fear that it may be received in the wrong way. The fact of the matter is that bosses need appreciation as much anyone else. A sincere personalised thank you note that calls out a specific attribute or experience that was meaningful to you will be well received. Connecting your appreciation to a specific act or situation will ensure that it’s viewed as genuine recognition.

#8 Get the team together and all pitch in to take your boss out to lunch

Getting the team together for lunch is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation as a team for your boss. Some team members may be hesitant or not feel comfortable to express one-to-one appreciation, but a team lunch provides all a chance to participate and be part of the recognition moment. It’s a nice touch to plan the lunch around a place or food type that your boss particularly enjoys.

To back up these fun ideas, a recent survey by O.C. Tanner found that although only 20% of 1,000 U.S. workers surveyed works at an organisation that recognises and celebrates Boss's Day, those who do tend to think more highly of their bosses.

  • 84% of those who work at companies that celebrate Boss's Day think their direct manager motivates them to do their best work, as opposed to only 60% whose companies don’t celebrate it.
  • 86% of those who work at companies that celebrate Boss's Day think they have the support they need from their direct manager to do their job, as opposed to only 66% whose companies don’t celebrate it.

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