Guidance from peers to enhance personal growth (31%) and reward for hard work (31%) are two critical considerations for Singapore's Millennials working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

According to a survey by the Singapore Computer Society, personal growth was a key area of concern - with close to half (47%) willing to attend specialised certification programmes organised by their peers, and 30% actively seeking opportunities to upgrade their industry-related skill sets.

However, two in five (40%) feel there is a lack of opportunity to do so, with 18% pointing to insufficient support from the ICT industry. As a result, some are seeking alternative platforms, such as mentorship, for self-improvement.

For example, 85% of Millennials have sought meaningful relationships with senior members in their industry, with respondents wanting to network with senior ICT industry leaders, at least once a month.

Howie Lau, president of Singapore Computer Society, commented: "They [Singapore's Millennials] no longer see mentorship as part of an HR process and, instead, see it as a platform to receive feedback and learn the ropes from more senior executives."

Despite the rush to develop their skills, a majority of respondents (54%) are confident that they will not be made redundant in the next year. In fact, more than a quarter (26%) actually chose to join the ICT industry because they feel there are abundant career growth opportunities.

Milennial Survey Infographic

Lead image: 123RF