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Your travel forecast in the Year of the Pig


If you're planning to go somewhere during the various long weekends for Singapore in 2019 or planning a business trip, here are some suggestions based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

As Lunar New Year approaches, Expedia's fengshui master, Master Seldan Lim, has charted two auspicious travel routes for each Chinese zodiac to help us select the best travel destinations as well as travel companions to boost our fortunes in the Year of the Pig.

If you don’t already know which animal your birth date represents, click here to find out.


If you have been preparing longer projects, put your mind on it this year and you will see success. Same goes for the romance department. You're going to have a packed schedule, but remember to balance the social catch ups. Watch your increasing waist line too. A year of splendid opportunities awaits.

Your best travel buddies: Rabbit | Goat

Your best travel destinations:

Cebu, Philippines - Lay by the beach, take a break and enjoy from the fruits of your hard work

Budapest, Hungary - Try out one of Budapest’s famous mineral baths. These steaming baths are not only a treasured Hungarian tradition, but equally enjoyable today.


Numerous good opportunities await for this year. Don't wait and see — demonstrate your initiative. Be cautious in money matters. Allow yourself to unwind and go for a holiday break. If you spot any health concerns, address it. Prospects for romance are great and may blossom beautifully in 2019.

Your best travel buddies: Cow | Dragon | Monkey

Your best travel destinations:

St. Petersburg, Russia - Besides castles, this old imperial capital of Russia is known for its historic attractions, big town squares, museums and architecture.

Chiang Rai, Thailand - If you live in a busy city, go in the opposite direction for your holidays this year and explore the quiet, cultural Chiang Rai.


Start to bring attention back to yourself and plan to have an overall balance. This is a year to relax. Consider mingling with more people this year to enlarge your social circle. And before the year is over, take a well deserved holiday break. Reprioritise exercise and make healthier food choices this year. Financially, earnings potential can increase, but you should also expect expenditures to increase too – so be careful to balance it out.

Your best travel buddies: Rat | Snake | Rooster

Your best travel destinations:

Arizona, USA - See the world famous Grand Canyon with your own eyes and experience the Native Americans culture and diversity.

Gwangju, South Korea - Go back in time by visiting 1913 Songjeong Market, a street themed to transport you back to the year 1913.


Turn your limitless energy on and set your focus. Your talents will be well regarded. Follow up on the tasks on hand. On finances, be slightly more prudent. As your focus gets sharper and sharper, you may spot additional travel offers and opportunities. Learn to improve on the communication aspects.

Your best travel buddies: Rat | Snake | Rooster

Your best travel destinations:

Bolivia -  Book a local tour to visit Incan ruins, one of the world’s most remarkable ancient civilisations.

Tianjin, China - Visit the shopping districts of Guwnehua and Binjiang blended with the unique Qing dynasty architectures.


This year you will be hopping with joy. From this positive place, you can expect more opportunities. Romantic luck is equally exciting this year. Enjoy a vacation and allow time to uncover unique destinations. Although this year’s financials are bright and positive, don’t get carried away. Keep watch over it and you’ll have a comfortable year.

Your best travel buddies: Goat | Dog | Pig

Your best travel destinations:

Costa Rica -  Try out staying in eco-lodges and learn a little something on how to protect nature.

Borneo - Indigenous tribal culture still exists across the ‘borders’ of Malaysian Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak), and Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan). It’s one of the most interesting places in the world to really go no-frills and enter rainforests and rivers, to experience the times when people really lived off the land.


Dragons in the year of the Pig have great potential to achieve success. Expect financial rewards to come from many areas. For travel destinations this year, you can consider both local and foreign options but either way, try to engage more deeply into the activities and local experiences.

Your best travel buddies: Rat | Monkey | Rooster

Your best travel destinations:

Nagoya, Japan - For a truly authentic taste of Nagoya, don’t miss the Hitsumabushi (grilled eel on rice).

Panama - Walk the ancient hiking trails of the Las Cruces. Participate in the islander beach activities. To satisfy your tastebuds, treat yourself to seafood and freshest produce.


Snakes would have a less straight forward path to take this year including on the financial front. Seek help when it is needed. Focus on your core competencies. Try to enlarge your social circles. Try new things. Improve on the one to one communications aspects.

Your best travel buddies: Rat | Monkey | Rooster

Your best travel destinations:

Senegal - While not as famous as compared to their other counterpart nations in Africa, find yourself nestled in multiple French influences in Senegal. One of the rarest natural phenomena to find pink coloured water at Lake Retba.

San Francisco, California, USA - Slither your way to San Fran and explore its colourful scenes. Don't miss the Fish and Chips!


Start 2019 right with more balance. Attend a self-transformation session. Develop new interests and participate in new activities. Take time to unwind and go for a vacation. Visit destinations you may have not thought of visiting before. Romance and relationships may improve over the year. Financial situations may improve this year. Make financial responsibility part of your longer term plans.

Your best travel buddies: Tiger | Goat | Dog

Your best travel destinations:

Hanoi, Vietnam - Plan a trip to visit the Dong Xuan market to experience the local lifestyle and delectable food.

San Salvador, El Salvador - Food here has various Native American, indigenous Lenca, Pipil and Spanish elements. Also try the unique Kolachampan, a sugarcane-flavoured soda only to be found here.


You may experience much improvement as the year progresses. Similarly positive on financial aspects but watch out for risks. Romance which can summed up the year of Pig is a successful year for you. However for all these positivity to happen, don’t forget to take action.

Your best travel buddies: Rabbit | Horse | Pig

Your best travel destinations:

Athens, Greece - Athens wears the crown of the birthplace of the Olympics, one of the finest events in sports and celebrating humanity. Don't forget to spend some time at the Acropolis colonnaded Parthenon temple.

Melbourne, Australia - Visit the Queen Victorian market and find many fresh organic produce direct from the farms and have a coffee at the side walk cafes. Make a trip to the local vineyards and enjoy the wines.


Be slightly more careful and ensure follow-through on everything. Financially, minimise all risks. However, romance may bear fruit this year! Increase your momentum of the current exercise regime. With these in mind, you are building a stronger foundation to prepare on future challenges.

Your best travel buddies: Rat | Dragon

Your best travel destinations:

Hangzhou, China - With the fortunes from tea and silk, the city has the privilege to be one of the highest capital per income in China. Rub shoulders with millionaires as you visit this historical destination. Soon you can become one too.

Utah, USA - Try the local scones known as Navajo Fry Bread - it is a tasty large, fried dough slathered in honey butter.


Be ready for positive developments. Make the initiatives and take actions. Finances will be looking up but do balance it with risk management. Romance is equally positive. If considering a holiday but undecided — your fengshui says just go. You will come back refreshed and ready take on new challenges.

Your best travel buddies: Ox | Dragon | Snake

Your best travel destinations:

Bulgaria - Find out more about the ancient Byzantine (East Roman) Empire. Visit the majestic churches, get a nice breeze at the many beaches and visit the nature parks.

Kolkata, India -  Explore Kolkata and you’ll find the most heavily influenced British architecture, cricket sport and Victorian inspired buildings. Today, it is also known as the cultural capital so you’ll have plenty to do and learn out here.


Take a better balance to improve and at the same time be happy with the outcome. Be open in your communications and many possibilities will present themselves. Romantic luck is shining this year. If you have postponed travels plans in the past, put it back to your schedules. Financially this would be a rewarding year and plan the surplus into your longer term strategy.

Your best travel buddies: Tiger | Rabbit | Horse

Your best travel destinations:

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - With close proximity to Mexico, the influences and cultural exchanges can be seen present in Albuquerque. Enjoy the best Burrito, Tortillas and other Mexican food options that is very authentic.

Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama boasts some fame associated with convenient food, like cup noodles and instant ramen, that are Japanese by origin but now has converts all over the world. It’ll be surprisingly fun to visit the Cup Noodles Museum out here.

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