The vital importance of an online presence in today’s business landscape was driven home in 2018, with jobs aimed at developing, populating, promoting and marketing websites among the fastest growing areas of online work last year, according to ’s latest Fast 50 Report.

The Fast 50 Report charts the quarterly movement of the top 50 fastest growing and declining job categories on the marketplace, which claims more than 31 million users around the world and has facilitated over 15 million jobs to date. This special edition of the Fast 50 Report looks closely at the big job trends that dominated 2018 and also provides a snapshot of the fastest moving job types in Q4, 2018.

Analysis of nearly two million jobs posted on in 2018 has revealed that online content was king in 2018, with both the first quarter and the final quarter of the year dominated by growth in jobs focused on the creation of websites and the content that populates them. Categories such as Writing , 2D Animation , Illustrator and After Effects all dominating the list top 25 fastest growing jobs over the course of 2018.

Writing was by far the fastest growing job category in 2018, growing by 537.5% compared to the previous year. Academic Writing also saw substantial growth over the year, claiming a place in the top 10 fastest growing skills categories for 2018. Two other important areas in the creation of online content that were in the top 20 fastest growing areas in 2018 were Blog Writing jobs, which grew by 146.6% year-on-year, to 4,537 jobs in the category in 2018, and SEO Writing -- such an important tool for businesses wanting to build their online presence -- which rose by 84.8%, claiming 2,590 jobs.

About 1.1 million Filipino freelancers are registered on the website, collectively servicing 100,000 companies worldwide, mainly from India (20.71 percent), the US (19.78 percent), Australia (8.19 percent), Canada (4.03 percent), and UK (3.92 percent). About 8.73 percent of companies who also engage Filipino freelancers are homegrown. Sebastian Siseles, the Vice President of who visited the Philippines last year, highlighted that Filipinos who excel in web development, graphic design, and Excel are the ones most sought after by employers on their site.

The latest Fast 50 Report supports that statement, confirm that data entry, PHP (hypertext preprocessor), graphic design, Excel and Photoshop were the top five jobs awarded to Filipinos in 2018.

Meanwhile, internationally, the top 10 most popular, in-demand freelancing jobs in 2018 are as follows:

1. Writing 2. API 3. Blockchain 4. Academic Writing 5. 2D Animation 6. Social Media Management 7. Blog Writing 8. Express JS 9. Shopify Template; and 10. Drawing

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