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Winning Secrets: How Bank Danamon Indonesia stays a step ahead of evolving workforce needs

Winning Secrets: How Bank Danamon Indonesia stays a step ahead of evolving workforce needs

The award-winning employer believes that collaboration and listening to your employees is crucial to propel a company forward, and tide through various challenges.

At the Employee Experience Awards 2021, Singapore, Bank Danamon Indonesia received the gold award for Best Management Training Programme.

In this interview, Christian Tanuwijaya, Head of Human Capital - Learning, Bank Danamon Indonesia shares the secrets behind this win - how the company made use of EVP to its advantage, digitalised human resources processes, created a positive employee experience, and more.

Q Congratulations on bagging this award! What is your award-winning employee experience strategy that led to this win?

Our winning strategy involved strengthening our employee value proposition which is GROW (global exposure, rise to excellence, own your future, and wellness and wellbeing), and the HR digitalisation initiatives.

The employee value proposition (EVP) proved to be one of the most critical elements along with several HR digitalisation initiatives in raising our employee experience. Through these breakthroughs, we managed to improve business processes, productivity, performance and employee engagement, thus, creating whole new level of human capital management.

This affected various aspects such as recruitment, manpower planning, learning and development, performance management, analytics, and many more. All of this made the human capital division a crucial unit in boosting the company’s businesses overall.

Q How did you and your team conceptualise and adapt this strategy to suit evolving workforce needs in the past year?

We developed this strategy as a means to achieve the company’s goal. This basic concept of this strategy is designed to be aligned with the company’s aspiration and goal, both short- and long-term. It is true that the workforce needs keep evolving from time to time, therefore, we always try to gain insight into planning for workforce decisions upfront.

We forecast for workforce demands and analyse where the critical talent gaps lie. We also model the skills and competencies the organisation needs to achieve success in each division and directorate. Employee retention is vital because the cost of retaining one is lower than getting one new employee.

Therefore, we reduce the risk of not having the right people at the right time to execute business strategy.

Q What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them?

One of the challenges is how each directorate and division retains our unique EVP. Because Bank Danamon Indonesia has many businesses, we need to ensure that our EVP is well-suited to the needs of each directorate and division. Both the new EVP and the HR digitalisation have been a long and fruitful journey.

Many challenges we have overcome, yet many lie ahead in the future.

In order to overcome them, we always stick to our company’s core values; one of which is collaboration - we overcome challenges through effective collaboration between people in the company.

Q How did the strategy add to the overall employee experience in your organisation, in terms of ROI? Any achievements you’d like to show off?

Our strategies, such as new EVP and human resource digitalisation initiatives have various positive impacts to the employee and of course the company. In terms of systems, we now have a single platform system integrated with all other systems in Bank Danamon Indonesia. In terms of processes, we manage to simplify the HR process by 21%, and eliminate most paperwork along the way.

In terms of people, our employee engagement survey score is 13 points higher than a financial firm's average score. Nine out of 10 surveyed employees were also happy about the changes we made by implementing the human resource digitalisation. During the recruitment process, our EVP also proves to be one of the deciding factors to attract new talent to our company.

Q What is the most exciting and valuable thing about being part of (and winning at!) the debut Employee Experience Awards?

The most exciting is the fact that we were able to compete with the best companies from all over the world.

We were able to get an amazing experience through joining this award. Winning a prestigious title like Employee Experience Awards is a very important milestone for Bank Danamon Indonesia, and we are very grateful for that. For us, competing at the highest level is not just about winning, but also what we will do after winning.

We will collaborate more with each other; we will keep our integrity to the highest level; we will adapt to any challenge in the future, and, of course, we will always offer our best version to customers and stakeholders. Bank Danamon Indonesia will strive to become even better.

Q Looking ahead, what else do you have planned as you continue to enhance the overall employee experience?

Like we said before, for us, competing at the highest level is not just about winning, but what we will do after winning. This is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new journey. We will continue to evaluate and improve various aspects of our company. For example, we would like to try new learning and development methods using virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We believe this will add another amazing experience for our employees and prepare them for the upcoming new era of digitalisation.

Q Do share tips to inspire your peers who are working on their EX strategies and would love to participate in the awards next year.

First: Listen to your employees, understand them.

In order to create a great employee experience strategy, what we need to do is understand our employees. What do they want? What do they strive to become? What is their aspiration?

Another would be collaboration. This spirit across people who understand each other is what will see you through many hardships.

Q Lastly, to end on a fun note – if you could describe the employee experience at your organisation in one sentence, what would that be?

An amazing collaboration towards greatness.

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