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What’s your office personality type?

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Working in an office is a bit like joining a family for which you really weren’t prepared.

There are all sorts of backgrounds and motivations, and lots of maneuvering too, based on work load, strengths, weaknesses, and simply the general office culture. Sometimes, these office personalities can clash, getting in the way of creativity, productivity, and general happiness at work.

Thus, learning a little about your employees and how their personality traits affect their performance can lend you and your HR team a hand in getting them through some of these rough situations.

How then, do you notice these traits and make the most of them to better understand your employees?

To help, Quill has put together a fun flow-chart infographic to determine these traits based on common practices such as whether employees meet deadlines, enjoy work, and more. Let your employees try it out and see what they say!


Which of these office personality types is the most relatable to you?

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