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Update your HR tech or lose Gen Z job applicants

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If an organisation does not have the latest HR technology, it runs the risk of losing the youngest and brightest job applicants.

A recently published report, Meet Generation Z: The New High-Tech and High-Touch Generation of Talent, has revealed that Gen Z has zero tolerance when it comes to job searching – with 54% of Gen Z respondents saying they would simply not bother applying for a job at a company with outdated recruitment methods.

The survey was commissioned by Yello, a talent acquisition software provider.

According to Jason Weingarten, CEO of Yello, this generation respects and admires the technology that makes life easier, and has little tolerance for those who refuse to adapt to the times.

“Comparing Generation Z to Millennials, we’re seeing a shift in expectations around technology. For example, Gen Z job seekers are 66% more likely to be frustrated by back-and-forth calls to schedule an interview than their Millennial counterparts,” Weingarten told the Digital Journal website.

“Gen Z is also nearly twice as likely as Millennials to prefer to communicate with recruiters through text. This new generation expects to bypass manual tasks and slow-moving communication forms – they seek instant gratification through platforms that are self-service and facilitate a quick response.

“Our research finds that despite Generation Z’s fluency in digital communication, 51% prefer face-to-face interaction. Today’s candidates seek authenticity and want to build relationships.

“Just as Generation Z prefers face-to-face communication, nearly half say the most important part of the hiring process is the individual recruiter. To meet this need, companies should focus on quality over quantity in their recruitment strategies.”

Gen Z is classified as those born between 1995 and 2012.

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