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The pod contains a comfortable built-in, custom-designed leather armchair with a large loose back cushion, a fold-out table surface, storage niches, an electronic tablet for entertainment, USB charging points, adjustable lighting, jacket hanging space, bottle / cup holders, a nurse call-button, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ button and lockable compartments. These allow customers to work, relax, read, eat, drink, surf the net or even rest between tests.

The improved workflow implies clinic staff can locate and identify customers more easily. Further, more resources can be deployed to draw blood in the pods at the start so that patients can break their fast earlier and consume food and drinks. In the previous process, blood drawing would have been limited by the number of rooms available.

In addition, patients can now leave their belongings in the locker within the pod, settle down and relax instead of having to move around and always having to be on high alert for their names to be called.

Each pod is also sanitised before the next patient, and scented with our signature ‘Live Fuller Fragrance’ which offers anti-bacterial and anti‑viral properties.

Lastly, patients who prefer an afternoon appointment need not fast all morning. They can have their blood drawn at least a day before their appointment at no additional cost, at a time and location of their choice.