Recruiters in China, Japan and Thailand can breathe a sigh of relief - these countries have been found to have the lowest background screening discrepancy rates in Asia Pacific, in a First Advantage survey.

From cross-referencing a customer survey with its annual global searches, the company found the following insights relevant for APAC-based recruiters:

  • The average discrepancy rate for APAC was 26.11%.
  • About 1.2 employment checks are performed for each background check — or, in other words, on average more than one previous or current employer is being contacted per candidate screened.
  • The highest discrepancy rates (of 62%) are found during resume checks. Instances of employment and education discrepancies are lower at 20% and 16% respectively.
  • APAC volume of background screening is at its lowest during Lunar New Year and at its highest in middle of year.
  • The lowest discrepancy rates in APAC are in China (3.81%), Japan (5.47%), Thailand (8.19%), Hong Kong (8.98%), and Indonesia (9.79%).
  • Globally, India dominates the number of background screening searches conducted (30.9%). It is followed by Australia (14.4%), Canada (7.2%), and China (5.9%).
  • Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand are the least common countries searched at just 3.9%, 1.9%, and 1.7% respectively.



Lead image / iStock Graphic / First Advantage