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Have you ever been tasked with the planning of your company’s event? While the more heroic ones may relish the opportunity to be part of the company’s annual dinner and dance, some may shudder at the thought of the intense planning that is going to unfold in the coming months.

Backed by our experience in managing events, we can safely say that planning an event is not that difficult. Who knows, you may even get hooked after your first encounter. Here’s our advice on how you can rock it.

1. Choose a fitting venue

Selecting the right venue is the first step towards a successful event. Some are content with going back to the usual venue, while others may take weeks to find the correct fit. Here are some factors of consideration to guide you in your selection:

(a) Define a budget More often than not, a budget will have been allocated for the event. How much do you have for venue rental out of this budget? Specify the budget so you know exactly what your choices are. You do not have to overspend to get the appropriate venue.

(b) Determine the space usage Do you require breakout rooms? Will you fancy an air-conditioned area for your guests to sit in comfort for the entire day? Select the venue with the programme flow in mind so you don’t have to worry about a lack of space.

(c) Get out of the ordinary Hotels will usually package the rental of meeting rooms with in-house catering. While this may be the convenient route, you may want to impress your participants with a change once in a while. There are many unique venues in Singapore where clients are allowed to bring in their preferred caterer. You can also work with your caterer to design menus which are not the usual fare. Head to portals such as or for a list of venues which allow external catering.

2. Start with the end in mind

Whether you are planning the event for the first time, or this is a quarterly event, it is important to be clear about the objectives of the event. Your participants or guests should leave the event with a strong understanding of the purpose and have a key takeaway. No one will want to go to an event thinking of it as a day wasted or that the time can be better spent in front of the computer. Make your participants look forward to the event by creating a theme and communicating the objectives early on.

3. Set a clear task list

The saying,“confidence comes from being prepared”, is especially apt when it comes to event planning. Instead of procrastinating and rushing at the last minute, create a task list and indicate the deadlines for each item. Delegate the actionables to your team members and check on the progress on a weekly basis. Even if you have been tasked with a last-minute event to plan for, take a moment to generate the checklist. This will prevent you from running around in circles and save you time from unnecessary effort.

4. Fill your guests with delight

Food and beverages are essential at any event. They make brilliant talking points and can be the potential highlight. A stunning display from your selected caterer can wow your guests, such as how a specially designed menu can set your event apart from the rest. Take good note of the dietary requirements or preferences your guests have. Do not settle for the usual offerings. Instead, opt for a thematic set-up such as an all-Thai cuisine or an extraordinary dessert bar.

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