In a recent internal survey of more than 400 employees, Gensler found that 68% of its employees in Asia Pacific and the Middle East (APME) were either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their work-from-home experience. Of all surveyed, more employees in APME were satisfied, versus those in Europe (64%) and China (58%). 

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64% of staff feel more productive working from home

This was most common in employees based in Bangkok (83%), followed by those in Sydney (73%). At the same time, close to seven in 10 (67%) revealed they feel more empowered working from home, once again more prevalent in Sydney (78%) and Bangkok (77%).

On the other hand, a slightly lesser percentage in Tokyo felt more productive (61%). Apart from the above, more than half (55%) of the overall employees are more engaged than when they work in the office.

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Higher stress levels were observed among management roles

While half of Gensler's staff reported feeling stressed working from home (50%), higher levels of stress were observed in management roles. According to those surveyed, this was due to project disruptions and uncertainties, as well as less contact with clients amid business disruptions from the pandemic.

Tokyo reported the highest (61%) compared to the average, while Sydney reported the lowest (36%).

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The top three things staff miss about office life

Socialising with colleagues, impromptu face-to-face meetings, and access to an ergonomic set-up, these were the top common things employees miss about being in office, the survey found.

Among managers and directors, scheduled in-person meetings with clients and consultants was also another key activity missed.

Overall, socialising was most missed by those in Sydney, followed by Bangkok once again. Additionally, those in Sydney also missed impromptu face-to-face meetings most, with Tokyo coming in next.

Lastly, when it came to an ergonomic work set-up, this was most missed by employees in India, followed by the Middle East.

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