Some may be hesitant to embrace team building activities, owing to workload pressures, time or scheduling conflicts, or other business priorities that continue to take precedence. However, a study titled, “The Effectiveness of Teamwork Training”, confirmed that “bringing a group of highly skilled individuals together is not sufficient for teams to be effective. Rather, team members need to be able to work well together in order for the team to successfully achieve its purposes”.

Teams that work together with genuine team spirit are the teams which perform the best and deliver the most value to their companies. Sometimes team spirit sparks by itself, but most of the time it requires hard work and smart techniques. Often, those smart techniques are provided by team building specialists who transform groups of employees into high performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively and achieve fantastic results.

The winners and finalists in the Best Team Building Training Provider category at the HR Vendors of the Year 2018 awards in Singapore and Malaysia are companies that consistently transform groups of employees into high performing teams.

Singapore – Best Team Building Training Providers

Winners: Gold – FOCUS Adventure Silver – Griness Bronze – Team Music

Finalists: CulinaryOn Right Impact

Malaysia – Best Team Building Training Providers

Winners: Gold – Think Codex Silver – Compass Mind Asia Bronze – Jay Team Coaching

Finalists: 95% The Corporate Culture Consultancy Maslow Trainers & Consultants

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