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The 5 elements that make your onboarding process ineffective

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When it comes to making a good first impression on a new employee, organisations typically only get one shot, so an effective onboarding programme is crucial.

From BambooHR’s survey on effective onboarding, key findings include:

  • Within the first week, almost 49% of those with effective onboarding reported contributing to their team, compared to only 35% of those with ineffective onboarding.
  • 38% more employees who experienced effective onboarding were confident in their ability to do their jobs, compared to those who had ineffective onboarding.
  • The 5 elements that make your onboarding process ineffective if not done properly are (least-rated by survey respondents):
    • Getting-to-know-you activities
    • Consistent communication
    • Recruiter/HR enthusiasm
    • Intro to key people
    • Organisational policy training

Here’s an infographic summarising the key findings:

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