Yesterday, Thailand's Minister of Labour Chatumongol Sonakul urged the Thai Office of Labour Abroad to focus on five key areas in handling Thai workers overseas.

These include protecting Thai labour abroad to ensure they receive all benefits in accordance with the their employment contract; developing the potential of these workers abroad to have knowledge, skills, and acquiring of technology; creating a good quality of life for them, and more.

He added that in 2020, the ministry aims to send 100,000 Thai workers overseas, especially to countries with high potential, to give these workers a chance to develop their skills. In turn, they can then bring these skills and knowledge back to develop and enhance Thailand's labour potential.

The top four countries he stated are Taiwan, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Israel.

Minister Chatumongol also stressed the importance of continuous self-development among Thais to keep up with changing trends and technology. At the same time, they must also set clear goals and outcomes in any projects to be implemented, in order to achieve concrete results and success, he said.

Photo / Ministry of Labour's website