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StarHub announces organisational review and structure exercise

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Singapore-headquartered telecom provider StarHub is embarking on an organisational review and restructure exercise, as announced by CEO Peter Kaliaropoulos at a recent staff communications session.

In a statement to Human Resources, the company has cited an “agile and lean organisation” as an important factor to achieve its strategic priorities, which include new businesses, digitalisation, and increasing efficiencies and productivity.

Employees will be informed on the potential jobs, roles or functions affected once the areas of efficiency have been identified.

Here is the full statement, as shared by StarHub: “At a recent staff communications session, StarHub’s CEO shared the company’s strategic priorities, which include investing for growth in new businesses, digitalisation to transform customer experience, and increasing efficiencies and productivity.

“An agile and lean organisation to drive the execution of the business strategy is an important initiative. StarHub will inform its employees when the organisational review and structure have been finalised and areas of efficiency are identified.

“StarHub will not be able to comment further prior to completing its efficiency exercise.”

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