With a new year comes new, innovative ideas for the office - be it environmental-friendly implementations or seating arrangement to get the creative juices flowing - and a workspace revamp might just be on your list.

To give you a headstart, we've curated a list of offices in this special edition of our HR Bulletin, that are bound to inspire you - from green workspaces to ones that promote a healthy lifestyle, these offices have been thoughtfully put together to provide employees with the best work environments possible.

Check them out below and click on the accompanying links to read the full stories:

#1 Citi Singapore's climate-conscious office initiatives

Citi Singapore - Asia Square Office


In a pledge towards Climate Action, Citi Singapore's efforts include turning off lighting at non-critical workspace areas by 7.30pm daily, using energy-efficient products and educating employees on the issue.

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#2 Schneider Electric's efforts to connect staff to its purpose


According to vice president of human resources, East Asia and Japan Operations, Wendy Foong, Scheider Electric's first large-scale Innovation Hub in Asia addresses the four dimensions of well-being – physical, mental, emotional, social – of employees, increasing their work satisfaction and overall work productivity.

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#3 Amgen's Next-Generation Workplace (NGW)


The new workplace engages employees with highly flexible activity-based work options to drive faster decisions, foster greater exploration of ideas and connect colleagues while integrating social spaces for employees to recharge.

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#4 Sportradar's interactive space


It's not just an open-concept space that allows managers and employees to work alongside each other. It also has several sports games around to allow employees to unwind, relax and have friendly matches when they need a break. Country director Agus Sugama shared: "These are interactive reminders of the work that we do, to support and increase the engagement of fans of the sports federations we work with."

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#5 Dyson's futuristic office

Dyson Reception


The building holds some state-of-the-art research, design and development laboratories that support Dyson's global ambitions in the realm of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, fluid dynamics, vision systems, software and connectivity.

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#6 Johnson & Johnson's manifestation of what it believes in


To support employees in leading an active lifestyle at work, J&J has an indoor "walking trail" which spans close to 500 meters across its office floors, height-adjustable standing desks that allow employees the flexibility to stand and work, and a gym which comprises a range of fitness classes.

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#7 FedEx Express' open and collaborative space


Aside from a move away from traditional cubicles to encourage communication, the workspace's modern design reflects how FedEx keeps pace with trends and connects with the workforce, who are composed of both the younger Millennials and the older generation, according to managing director Audrey Cheong.

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#8 Arcadis Hong Kong's activity-based work environment


78% of the office's desks are sit/standing desks that help promote activity and movement during office hours. Further, everyone is free to choose the workplace that best suits their work style, the type of task they need to perform and how they will collaborate with others.

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#9 K11 Atelier's sustainable building with a view


Surrounded by 270-degree panoramic views of Hong Kong’s famous skyline, K11 Atelier is the first workplace to integrate art, people and nature in one state-of-the-art building. The building was designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible with an emphasis on sustainability. It holds two green building certifications, and its energy usage intensity is 1.5 times lower than typical Hong Kong office buildings.

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#10 Bonus: The 5 most popular types of office layouts



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