This article was updated on 30 October with a statement from a Salesforce spokesperson.

Cloud-based software company Salesforce has announced that according to new research from IDC, the company and its ecosystem of partners will create 8,500 new direct jobs and S$7.6bn in new business revenues in Singapore, from 2019 to 2024.

In a statement to Human Resources Online, a Salesforce spokesperson said within Asia Pacific, the report covers Singapore, India, Japan and Australia, and forecasts that 799,000 direct jobs will be created across these markets in this period.

That said, the report does not provide a breakdown of specific roles by region.

"However, given Singapore's technology leadership and early adoption of emerging tech, we can expect to see new roles covering robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing, digital-assisted security, and IoT specialists in the trades."

In line with this, AI specialist jobs will grow by 44%, while Internet of Things (IoT)-related jobs will grow at 38% annually - all driven by cloud computing, which has given rise to new technologies such as mobile, social, IoT and AI, thus creating new revenue streams and jobs that further fuel the growth of the cloud.

Additionally, given that the Salesforce ecosystem is expected to grow to almost six times larger by 2024, it is estimated that the firm will drive the creation of 17,000 indirect jobs in Singapore within the same period. Based on the report, these (indirect) jobs will be created by the spending in the general economy created by the people filling the 8,500 new jobs.

Worldwide, during these six years, Salesforce and its ecosystem are expected to enable the creation of 4.2mn jobs in total. The majority of these jobs are expected to be in the manufacturing and financial sectors. This is followed by job creation in retail, communications & new media, among others.

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